Private Fees

There are some services which are not provided by the NHS and for which patients will be charged.

We charge patients and businesses for a range of private work which includes: – insurance claims, medicals and private letters. A list of the most common services and the chargeable fee is show below. Please contact the secretaries if this service you require is not listed.

Private Charges


Service / request Paid by Paid by
Private Sick Note Patient Brief: £25.00
Complex: £45.00
Accident Sickness Certificate Patient Brief: £25.00
Complex: £45.00
Holiday cancellation Patient Brief: £25.00
Complex: £45.00
Private medical claim form Patient Brief: £25.00
Complex: £45.00
To whom it may concern letters Patient Brief: £25.00
Complex: £45.00
School/university letter/extract from notes Patient Brief: £25.00
Complex: £45.00
Holiday insurance certificate -fitness to travel Patient Brief: £25.00
Complex: £45.00
Healthclub -fit for exercise Patient Brief: £25.00
Complex: £45.00
Fitness for special activities Patient Brief: £25.00
Complex: £45.00
Vaccination Certificate Patient Brief: £25.00
Complex: £45.00
Concessionary Travel Patient Brief: £25.00
Complex: £45.00
Housing Letters Council Brief: £25.00
Complex: £45.00
Blue Badge Patient Brief: £25.00
Complex: £45.00
Shotgun Licence Requester Brief: £25.00
Complex: £45.00

Private Medical Services

Service / request Paid by Paid by
Consultation - GP Patient £40.00
Blood Tests Patient £20.00 + labcosts
Cervical Smear Patient £40.00 + labcosts
Recording of ECG Patient £60.00
ECG report on previous recording Patient £60.00
Minor surgery per hour (excluding drugs and dressings) Patient £300.00
DNA testing (Form to be provided by requester) Requester £25.00 (nurse) /£40.00 (GP)

Medical Examination

Service / request Paid by Medical Examination & completion of report
Accident sickness insurance claim Insurance co £175.50
Pre-employment Employer £175.50
Fitnessfor education, including university and nurse training Student £175.50
GP examination to complete form (30 min GP appt) Patient £65.00
PSV/HGV fitness to drive Patient £120.00
Local authority (taxi medical) Patient £85.00
Elderly person - fitness to drive Patient £85.00
Prospective Carer (BAAF) Adoption and Fostering Fostering Agency £73.86
Looked afterchild assessment(initial)
Looked afterchild assessment(follow-up)

Fostering Agency
Fostering Agency

DVLA DVLA £85.00 (exam)
£40.00 (report)
Sports/Diving medical Patient £175.50 (full)
£60.00 (brief)


Service / request Paid by Paid by
Assessment of Capacity/Testamentary capacity    
Form, no examination Requester £55.00
Form +examination (practice) Requester £110.00
Form +examination (home visit) Requester £150.00

Access to Medical Records under Data Protection Act (SAR)

Service / request Paid by Paid by
Copy of computerised records Requester No fee
Copy of manual records and or combination of manual & computerised records Requester No fee


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