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Repeat Prescriptions


Medicines for Self Care


Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group supports any GP practice that decides to reduce their prescribing of medicines which have limited clinical value or are more suitable for patients to buy for themselves.


  These medicines include:




  • Pain killers for minor aches and pains

  • Soluble pain killers (because of high salt content)

  • Hay fever preparations

  • Cough and cold remedies

  • Nasal decongestants (and Sterimar)

  • Tonic, vitamin, and health supplements

  • Antiperspirants

  • Homeopathic remedies

  • Treatments for non-serious constipation or diarrhoea

  • Ear wax removers (a few drops of olive oil is just as good as anything on prescription)

  • Treatments for minor facial spots

  • Threadworm tablets

  • Lozenges, throat sprays, mouthwashes, gargles and toothpastes

  • Slimming preparations (except within national guidelines)

  • Creams, gels, oils and dressings for minor sprains, sports injuries and scars

  • Indigestion remedies for occasional use

  • Creams for bruising, tattoos, varicose veins and scars

  • Nappy rash / barrier creams

  • Hair removing creams

  • Head lice lotions and shampoos (wet combing is recommended)

  • Athletes’ foot creams and powders

  • Topical treatments for vaginal thrush

  • Treatments for fungal nail infections

  • Moisturisers and bath additives for minor dry skin conditions

  • Travel medicines

  • Foods and toilet preparations except where clinically indicated e.g. gluten-free cakes, cake mixes & luxury biscuits; sip feeds; ready-made thickened juices; soya milks and sun creams.


 Why?  This decision has been taken because:




    • Many of these products are cheap to buy and are readily available along with advice from pharmacies, as well as shops and supermarkets (which are often open until late) 

    • Some of them do not actually work very well, e.g. cough syrups


    • In Somerset we spent almost £4 million last year on these medicines. This money could be better spent on treating more serious conditions such as cancer and heart disease. 

In some circumstances your doctor can still prescribe these medicines on the NHS if they believe a true clinical need exists.




For more information from the National Health Service on conditions, treatments, local services and healthy living please visit the NHS Choices website:




Repeat Prescriptions

Patients established on long-term medication may not need to see the doctor every time their medication is due. Your doctor will decide when it is appropriate for you to use this service and at what intervals they need to see you. The right-hand side of your prescription will show you when your next medication review is due. When this becomes due, the doctor may ask you to make an appointment with them. However, alternatively, they may ask you to make an appointment with the practice nurse instead if your medication is for asthma or diabetes. Please always check your prescriptions.

Order My Prescription Online?

All prescriptions are ordered through our prescription desk. For telephone requests the prescription line is open Monday to Friday between 10.00am and 1.00pm. The telephone number is Taunton 250150. Outside these times, an answer-phone is available for you to leave a message to let us know that you require repeat medication. Please speak clearly and leave your name, computer number, telephone number and the medication that you require. All such messages will be collected daily.

You can also order prescriptions by post, but please enclose a stamped addressed envelope. In addition, you may hand in your tear-off strip at reception or fax it to us on 250179. Please ensure that you tick the items that you require.

Please also remember to order your medication before it runs out and allow at least three working days for your prescription to be ready.

Please note, if you have not been prescribed the medication from this practice before (for example if you are a new patient) you will need to see a doctor before ordering your prescription.

Any other enquiries please email us:

Order My Prescription Online?

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to provide on-line prescription booking for our patients. 

If you wish to order prescriptions online you will need to register to use this facility.  Registration is an easy process.  You will simply need to bring proof of ID to the surgery (the proof of ID needs to be photographic, the proof of address can be a utility bill, bank statement or council tax bill). The receptionist will register you on the system and print off a form containing a website address and a PIN number (please bear in mind that reception can be very busy between 08.30 and 09.30am). Once you have this information, you can then log onto the website at home and enter your details.  When you have thus registered you will be able to use the on-line appointment booking facility.


Collect My Prescription?

The prescription can normally be collected from the surgery reception desk three working days after being requested. Please note, if you wish to pick up your prescription from our on-site pharmacy or another pharmacy this will take longer. Please check with the pharmacy first before ordering your prescription. The practice has a pharmacy (Boots) on-site. In addition, many chemists operate a prescription collection service whereby you can collect your medication straight from the pharmacy. For housebound patients there is a home delivery service (a small charge may apply, please check with your chemist first). For both these services you need to contact the chemist in the first instance to make appropriate arrangements.

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